MN Divorce and Custody Mediation Services

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Christie of ChristieLegal Practices Transformative and Facilitative Mediation to Help Settle MN Divorce and Custody Cases

Christie starts with transformative mediation practices because it’s more likely to lead to an agreement that will last longer than the end of the divorce or custody case.   The goal of transformative mediation is to help people better understand each other’s thoughts & feelings about the issues in the divorce or custody case.  When people better understand each other, they’re more likely to be able to reach an agreement that’s agreeable to both parties.  When people reach an agreement that they buy into, instead of it being forced upon them by the court, they will be less likely to want to take each other to court every year or so for custody issues.  When people buy into an agreement, they are more likely to stick to it.

Christie moves to facilitative mediation practices after the people seem to understand each other’s points of view on the issues.  The goal is to help people reach agreements on the unresolved issues in the divorce or custody case.

Christie is a MN family law paralegal, as well, so she has knowledge of MN divorce and custody laws.  As a result, people can use her as a resource for what the laws are during mediation. However, since Christie is a paralegal, not an attorney, and she is acting as a mediator, she cannot give either party legal advice.


Cost of Mediation With ChristieLegal

  • ChristieLegal’s regular fee rate is $200 per hour for mediator, paralegal, and administrative services.
  • ChristieLegal’s 10% discounted fee rate for her heroes – military members, law enforcement & corrections officers, firefighters, ETMs, teachers, psychologists, social workers, and veterans of those careers – and moderate-income folks is $180 per hour.  
  • ChristieLegal requires to be paid for a minimum of 2 hours of service.

Policies of ChristieLegal Regarding Mediation Service

  • If you can no longer mediate during your scheduled mediation time or no longer need to mediate since your case has settled, then please cancel the mediation at least 24 hours ahead of time.  If you don’t do this, then you will be charged for the work that has already been done for the mediation session and half of the scheduled mediation session time.   
  • Fees for mediator, paralegal, and administrative services are paid upfront.  Therefore, if during the mediation you folks decide that you’d like to mediate for up to 2 additional hours and I’m available to do so, then that’s possible and the cost of the additional mediator, paralegal, and administrative services is paid electronically before the mediation session continues.

Officenters conference room example 2    Officenters office example     Few of the Officenters locations in Twin Cities, MN

Locations That ChristieLegal Provides Mediation Services At

Christie provides divorce and/or custody mediation services at the following locations:

  • online using Zoom online conferencing service; 
  • in-person at 7 Officenters locations throughout Twin Cities,;
  • client’s(s’) home, under specific circumstances;  and
  • other private office space that’s provided by a client or a client’s attorney.

There are many benefits to mediating online. First, the parties won’t be in the same building, which makes it almost impossible for there to be a physical safety issue and more difficult for there to be an emotional safety issue. Second, no one will drive, which will be more convenient and save money. Third, the parties will not pay for Christie’s drive time. Lastly, parents of young children will be able to care for their children at home without greatly disrupting the children’s lives.



How To Obtain MN Divorce and/or Custody Mediation Services 

  1. Please schedule a FREE 15 to 30 minutes initial consultation via phone or Zoom with Christie of ChristieLegal by using ChristieLegal’s Calendly tool,, or emailing her assistant your availability to talk on Monday through Thursday between 8 am and 9 pm and Friday between 8 am and 5 pm during the next 5 days at Please tell her if you need to mediate a divorce and/or custody case or custody issue, how cooperative the parties are, and how long the parties have wanted to divorce and/or handle a custody case.
  2. During the initial consultation, please ask questions regarding how Christie would handle your mediation and provide Christie with info. regarding your divorce and/or custody case / issue.
  3. Please provide Christie with an Agreement to Mediate signed by both parties and the down payment of $1,000.  

I look forward to helping you better understand each other’s points of view and then reach agreements on some or all of the issues of your divorce and/or custody case!


Christie is’s Woodbury Business Owner of the Year for 2023! 

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