Why Choose ChristieLegal?

Why Christie Is Passionate About Working in MN Divorce and Custody / Family Law

Christie is passionate about working in MN divorce and custody law because nothing is more important to your social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial success than being part of a healthy long-term romantic relationship or not being in a negative or toxic relationship and being able to spend a reasonable amount of time with your children.  Who you partner with is the most important decision that you will make because that person could improve your life or significantly negatively affect it! My passion for this work is based on my experiences and the experiences of others.


Why Choose To Work With ChristieLegal Instead of an Attorney? 

Working with Christie of ChristieLegal instead of an attorney MIGHT be a good choice for your MN divorce and/or custody case because these cases are more likely to be resolved with less conflict and cost and the result of the case is more likely to be effective long-term when the parties work together to resolve a case, instead of lawyering up.

1 of the goals of working with ChristieLegal is to reduce conflict between the parties compared to each party lawyering up. ChristieLegal will work to help folks understand the divorce and custody laws and reach agreements on all of the issues that must be decided. Therefore, her work creates less negativity and shortens the case process to an average of 2 to 5 months, instead of it lasting 1 year or more.

Another goal of working with ChristieLegal to resolve your MN divorce and/or custody case is to produce an agreement that’s more likely to be effective long-term. When parties reach agreements, they are more effective because they know their family’s situation better than an attorney or judge does. In addition, the parties will be much more likely to buy into agreements that they reached instead of a judge’s decisions that were forced upon them since they were the creators of the agreements, so they had skin in the game. This is a beautiful thing because the parties will be less likely to file motions in court every year or few years because 1 or both of the parties isn’t following the Judgment and Decree for Dissolution of Marriage or Custody Order. Cha ching! Do you want to be trapped in endless divorce and/or custody case litigation?!

The last goal of working with ChristieLegal to resolve your MN divorce and/or custody case is to save you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars! I charge at least 300% less than the average attorney at $150 to $190 per hour for mediator and paralegal services for a joint divorce and/or custody case and at least 50% less than the average mediator charges at $200 per hour for mediator and paralegal services for mediation only! Please ask me for the costs of the other types of family law services that ChristieLegal provides.  In addition, I give a 10% discount to my heroes – military members, EMTs, firefighters, law enforcement and corrections officers, teachers, social workers, and mental health workers, and veterans of those careers – and low-income folks.  I spent most of my childhood as a Navy Brat, so I know that I couldn’t do what military folks have done. I’ve worked as a corrections officer at the county and state level and a teacher in St. Paul and the suburbs of St. Paul, so I know that they’re really tough careers. My children and I have used the services of psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers since my late-husband Karl died in 2009 at age 39.  


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Why Christie Is Qualified to Work As a Divorce and Custody / Family Law Mediator and Paralegal

Christie’s Work Experience

  • I have been working separately from an attorney for people whom would like to divorce and/or resolve a child custody case in Minnesota since February 2013.
  • I worked as a family law paralegal for Shannon M. Fitzpatrick, J.D., of Minneapolis from March 2012 to January 2014.  I assisted her with child custody, child support, divorce, and grandparent visitation cases. During that time, I gained experience working with many people and organizations, including custody evaluators, parenting consultants, financial institutions, credit card companies, credit reporting agencies, real estate property recorders’ offices, real estate property and personal property evaluators, child support offices, and family law and child support courts.  I worked mostly out of my home in Cottage Grove.
  • I worked as a family law paralegal for Matthew E. Ludt, J. D., of Stillwater from May 2014 to August 2015.  I assisted him with divorce, child custody, and child support cases.   I worked out of my home in Cottage Grove.

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Christie’s Education and Training

  • Transformative mediator training provided by Simon Mediation in June 2019 and January 2022;
  • On-the-job training provided by Shannon M. Fitzpatrick, J. D., then in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from March 2012 to January 2014 and Matthew E. Ludt, J.D., Stillwater, Minnesota, from May 2014 to August 2015;
  • Continuing Legal Education classes and other trainings offered by Minnesota Paralegal Association and Minnesota State, Ramsey County, and Hennepin County Bar Associations; on going;
  • Hamline University – Paralegal Certificate, including applicable courses in Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law, Criminal Law, Legal Research and Writing, Rules of Evidence, and Alternative Dispute Resolution and an internship at Dougherty, Molenda, Solfest, Hills, & Bauer in Apple Valley, Minnesota learning and working in estate, probate, real estate, business, and personal injury law; 4.0 g.p.a.; 2009;
  • Minnesota Correctional System – investigation and writing trainings; 2006; and
  • Hamline University – B. A. in Political Science Public Service with Legal Studies Minor; 1995; 3.74 g.p.a.; Mock Trial – made it to regional competition yearly from 1991 to 1995.

Christie’s Honors & Awards

  • Pi Gamma Mu, international social sciences honor society for undergraduate college students – 1993; and
  • Dean’s List at Hamline University – every semester while earning B.A. from 1991 to 1995 and Paralegal Certificate from January 2008 to December 2009.
  • Christie is alignable.com’s Woodbury Business Owner of the Year for 2023! Alignable Business Owner of the Year 2023 graphic

Professional Associations and Groups that Christie Belongs To

  • Minnesota State Bar Association since 2013.
  • Minnesota Legal Professionals (legal networking group that I’ve lead) since 2011.

Results of ChristieLegal’s Work

  • ChristieLegal has saved clients thousands to tens of thousands of $ compared to hiring attorneys! Attorneys charge $275 to $550 per hour, and she charges $150 to $200 per hour.  
  • ChristieLegal has shortened the divorce process for her clients! The process is usually longer when attorneys are involved because more legal steps are required and some attorneys are less likely to encourage their client to settle easily. Who wants to spend more time in a negative or toxic situation?!!
  • ChristieLegal has had many satisfied clients.  Here are reviews from a few of them:

“I highly recommend Christie L. Thompson, paralegal, as a highly skilled family law professional.  Christie was a godsend in assisting my ex-husband and I to achieve an amicable, inexpensive, and speedy divorce.  Her meticulous work on our divorce petition was deemed impeccable by the judge, which meant we did not need to set a court date since our divorce was accepted on the first proposal.  I am very grateful for her ability to bring a calm resolution at a difficult time.”  – Deborah Cavitt, St. Paul, on http://www.linkedin.com/in/christielthompson in July 2014

After 8 years, my ex-wife and I made the difficult decision to finally get a divorce.  My ex-wife was looking into lawyers that were asking for $4,000 up front, and I hadn’t even begun looking.  Since my wife and I were nearly on the same page in dividing our assets, I suggested that we use Christie as a paralegal.  Not only did we save nearly $10,000 dollars and months of fighting using Christie, but she also guided us through all the steps necessary to get to the end point as quickly and easily as possible.  Christie articulated exactly what we would need to decide and brought up things that we hadn’t even thought of.  When we submitted the divorce documents, there were no issues and the divorce process was quick.  Using Christie is will save you thousands of dollars and headaches, and you won’t regret it.”  – Joe G., Minneapolis, in April 2016

“Christie was wonderful. A kind and supportive professional that will guide you through one of the harder experiences in life. I have recommended her to others already.”  – Colin A., S. St. Paul, on http://www.yelp.com in August 2016

“My ex and I worked with Christie to write our divorce decree in 2015. It was a difficult time but she made it less painful. She was prompt, fair, has personal and professional experience, and did a healthy amount of questioning to be sure my ex and I knew what we wanted. This is the way to go if you don’t want to get lawyers involved and is definitely more affordable.”  – Amy Anderson, Minneapolis, on http://www.facebook/ChristieLegalMN/reviews in August 2017

“Christie worked with me through this most difficult process. She explained everything and made this whole thing less painful to me. I would recommend Christie to anyone who goes through this.”  – Mary Mann, Cottage Grove, on http://www.facebook/ChristieLegalMN/reviews in June 2018

Christie came highly recommended to me by a very well respected attorney.  She assisted me in becoming familiar with the timing regarding the  filing of divorce documents, so that I could clearly make the next steps.  She really knows her stuff!  Her knowledge and experience makes her a reliable paralegal.  Christie is also helpful in a competent and compassionate way.  She went above and beyond and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Christie to someone else who’s looking for a fantastic family law paralegal.”  Paul Jeannotte, Minneapolis, on http://www.linkedin.com/in/christielthompson in November 2015

“Christie is professional, thorough and overall great at what she does. I am thankful that we were able to use Christie as the process was respectful and collaborative. Our documents were in order quickly and Christie’s pricing was very reasonable.” – Talley Flora, Edina, on www.facebook/ChristieLegalMN/reviews in  June 2018

“Christie helped me A LOT with my twin daughters.  Very affordable AND professional!  I recommend her to all single parents!” – Herman Abrams,  http://www.facebook/ChristieLegalMN/reviews in July 2017

“Christie Lea is very responsive and professional. I was and am so pleased that she offers an inexpensive painless way to move through the divorce process. I, of course, also appreciate the military/veterans discount.

With Christie’s help I was able to start and complete the divorce (non-contested) process in days (based on her work, the only reason it went longer was Christie waiting on changed information from us). I highly recommend Christie Lea and her services in the event you need these services!” – Leonard “Rusty” Carlson, NW Metro., May 11, 2023, http://www.linkedin.com/in/christielthompson


How To Obtain Divorce and/or Custody / Family Law Mediator and Paralegal Services from ChristieLegal

1.  Please schedule a FREE 30 to 45 minutes initial consultation via phone or Zoom using ChristieLegal’s Calendly tool at     .  (Please click on the line to go to the Calendly website.) Alternatively, please email Christie your availability to meet with her during the next 5 days at christie@christielegal.net. Please tell her that you’re in need of help with a divorce and/or custody case, how agreeable you and the other party are, and how long you’ve been considering taking this action.

2.  During the initial consultation, ask Christie questions regarding how she would handle your legal situation and what the legal process is, and provide Christie with info. regarding your situation.

3.  Provide Christie with the signed applicable agreement document and the down payment of $1,000 to $2,000.



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