File for Divorce Jointly & Without An Attorney For a More Peaceful & Affordable Divorce

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Filing for divorce jointly and without an attorney as a pro se litigant means that  the couple files for divorce jointly using one set of court documents and neither person hires an attorney to battle over their assets or children.  Pro se means by yourself in Latin.

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Filing for divorce jointly and pro se will enable your divorce to be more cooperative and amicable and, therefore, less stressful.  Moreover, it will make your postdivorce life a bit more harmonious, which will be very helpful if you continue to share a child, business, relatives, or friends.

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Filing for divorce jointly and without an attorney or as a pro se litigant will also enable the couple to divorce affordably.  Who doesn’t want to save money?!  Filing for divorce jointly saves couples thousands to tens of thousands of dollars compared to the cost of the average attorney’s and mediator’s fees.   ChristieLegal charges $110 per hour, whereas an attorney charges $200 to $550 per hour and a mediator charges $200 to $500 per hour.

If there are asset division and/or child custody issues that you folks haven’t been able to reach a decision on, then Christie can help you with that by telling you what your options are and helping you discuss those options.

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Filing for divorce jointly and without an attorney / pro se is fairly simple.

  1. Christie will help you reach an agreement on any issues that you haven’t reached an agreement on.
  2. Christie will write the divorce documents that you folks must file with the court based on the decisions that you folks make.
  3. Christie will explain to you how to file the documents and prepare you for the court process.
  4. You will file the documents with the family court for the county where at least 1 of the parties lives.
  5. If you don’t have joint children, then, in all likelihood, the judge will review and then sign your divorce documents in his/her chambers within 2 weeks of you mail filing them with the court.
  6. If you have joint children, then you folks will appear in court for a default hearing at which the judge will likely ask you a few questions regarding what your divorce documents state regarding the custody, parenting time, and financial support of your joint children.  Then, the judge will either decide to approve your divorce documents immediately or review them and then sign them within a few days.
  7. Within a few days thereafter either judicial process, you will receive a notice that your divorce has been finalized.

* Christie offers a 20% discount to her heroes – military members, law enforcement and corrections officers, firefighters, EMTs, teachers, psycholoigsts, social workers, and veterans of all of those careers, and moderate-income folks.

CL pro logo with CL inside of sun March 2019

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