File for Divorce in MN Jointly and Without An Attorney For a More Peaceful, Affordable, and Quicker Divorce

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Filing for divorce jointly and without an attorney as a pro se litigant means that  the couple files for divorce jointly using one set of court documents and neither person hires an attorney to battle over their assets or children.  Pro se means by yourself in Latin.

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Filing for divorce jointly and pro se will enable your divorce to be more cooperative and amicable and, therefore, less stressful.  Moreover, it will make your postdivorce life a bit more harmonious, which will be very helpful if you continue to share a child, business, relatives, or friends.

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There are many reasons why folks who are divorcing would want to divorce jointly.

First, lawyering up automatically creates conflict. The divorce becomes a battle. When people are battling, they become less reasonable because they think and feel that they must defend themselves from attack. I help people reach agreements without advocating for either party. I tell you what the laws are, and, if necessary, then tell you ways in which you folks could handle your situation. You folks make the decision on how to handle the situation.

Second, lawyering up is HUGELY more expensive. I charge $135 per hour. Attorneys charge $200 to $550 per hour, and you’ll be paying for each of you to have your own lawyer. Therefore, it will cost you at least $400 per hour, but normally $500 per hour, if you lawyer up. Plus, when folks lawyer up, the process will take at least 6 months longer and there will be tons of back and forth between you folks and your lawyers and the 2 lawyers, so the attorneys will have MANY more billable hours than ChristieLegal would have. Therefore, you folks will be paying at least $400 more per hour for MANY more hours of legal work.

Lastly, divorcing jointly is MUCH quicker. It will take a few days to weeks for you to get on my caseload. We will work together for a few days to a few months, depending upon how long it takes for you folks to reach agreements. I’ll write the divorce documents. You folks will sign them in front of a notary public and mail them to the court. Approximately 2 months later, you folks will have 1 court hearing that will be 15 minutes in length.  You’ll be divorced at the end of the hearing. For parties who don’t have kids, you won’t have any court hearing. A judge will sign your documents in his/her chambers within 2 to 4 weeks of you mailing the documents to the court, and you’ll be divorced.

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Filing for divorce jointly and without an attorney / pro se is fairly simple.

  1. Christie will tell you what the MN divorce and custody laws state.
  2. Christie will help you reach an agreement on any issues that you haven’t reached an agreement on.
  3. Christie will write the joint divorce or custody case court documents.
  4. Christie will help you through the joint divorce or custody case court process.
  5. If you don’t have joint children, then, in all likelihood, the judge will review and then sign your divorce documents in his/her chambers within 4 weeks of you mail filing them with the court.
  6. If you have joint children, then you folks will appear in court for a default hearing at which the judge will likely ask you a few questions regarding the custody, parenting time, and financial support of your children.  Then, the judge will either approve your divorce documents immediately or rewrite your documents in a way that he/she finds to be fair and equitable under the laws of MN.
  7. Within about 5 days thereafter, you will receive a notice that your divorce has been finalized and docketed by the court.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for a 30 minutes free initial consultation with Christie of ChristieLegal, then please use CL’s Calendly tool,, or email or text ( or 651-775-7899) Christie your availability to meet during the next 10 days.  Thank you.

* ChristieLegal offers a 10% discount to her heroes – military members, law enforcement and corrections officers, firefighters, EMTs, teachers, psychologists, social workers, and veterans of all of those careers, and moderate-income folks.

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