Contact ChristieLegal for More Info or To Obtain MN Divorce and/or Custody Mediator and/or Paralegal Services

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For More Information Or To Obtain Divorce and/or Custody Mediator and Paralegal Services 

If you would like more information regarding how to have an affordable MN divorce or have your MN custody case or custody case disagreement / dispute handled affordably by ChristieLegal or you’re ready to hire ChristieLegal, then pleaseschedule a FREE 30 minutes initial consultation using ChristieLegal’s Calendly tool,,   (please click on this line to go to Calendly’s website).  Thank you.

Then, during the initial consultation, please ask questions regarding the legal processes for your divorce and/or custody case and how ChristieLegal would help you handle them and provide info. regarding your situation.

Lastly, to hire ChristieLegal start to work on your divorce and/or custody case, provide her with the signed applicable agreement document and the down payment of $1,000.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort to communicate with ChristieLegal!

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