Handle MN Divorce and Custody Cases With Much Less Conflict and Cost and In Less Time Than Hiring Attorneys

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You MIGHT NOT need to hire 2 attorneys to litigate your MN divorce and/or custody case.  

Christie Lea Thompson of ChristieLegal, a MN family law / divorce and custody mediator and paralegal, can help folks with simple to moderately complex divorce and custody cases with much less conflict and at least 300% less cost than hiring 2 attorneys and battling it out and in at least 6 months less time in the case process.

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Hiring ChristieLegal reduces conflict in your life since her goal is for both parties to work together to reach agreements, instead of both parties hiring separate attorneys and exchanging documents and asking questions of each other through attorneys to hopefully reach a settlement agreement.

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Hiring ChristieLegal reduces the cost of a divorce or custody case by tens of thousands of dollars compared to hiring attorneys because she charges $150 to $190 per hour, whereas attorneys charge $275 to $550 per hour, the parties will need to hire 2 attorneys (1 attorney per person), and the process is highly likely to be much quicker since she encourages the parties to reach agreements and streamlines the case process.

In addition, she offers a 10% discount to her heroes – military members, EMTs, firefighters, law enforcement and corrections officers,  teachers, mental health workers, and social workers, and veterans of those careers, and low-income folks.

Plus, ChristieLegal’s down payment is smaller at $1,000 to $2,000, depending upon the complexity of the case, whereas attorneys’ retainer fees are $2,500 to $5,000.

Lastly, Christie is alignable.com’s Woodbury Business Owner of the Year for 2023!

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Are you looking for a lower-conflict and lower-cost solution to your divorce or custody case?  If so, then please schedule a FREE 30 to 45 minutes phone initial consultation with Christie of ChristieLegal by using her Calendly online scheduling tool at     .  (Please click on the line to go to to Calendly’s website.)  Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Handle MN Divorce and Custody Cases With Much Less Conflict and Cost and In Less Time Than Hiring Attorneys

  1. Called this person and she immediately simply recommended me to an attorney….LOL… Not much help considering how many times she mentions helping people on her website…

    • It is a gross mischaracterization to state that I immediately recommended this prospective client to an attorney. I listened to him tell me about his situation for at least 10 minutes. I explained what he must do to accomplish his custody and termination of parental rights goals and answered several of his questions. I stated that the situation is too complicated for me as a paralegal and why. Lastly, I referred him to an attorney who’s not only high-quality, but also offers low-income clients a sliding scale fee.

    • A true professional understands their scope of practice and provides referrals if someone else is best suited to the needs of that person. Christie provides an honest consultation, in the best interest of the potential client.

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